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3D technologies have become an integral part of modern industries. However, to keep up with the Industry 4.0 trends companies have to look for new ways of utilizing 3D to the maximum extent. To succeed in this businesses have to find out how to democratize the usage of 3D and increase the efficiency of processes, handle extra-large content and get access to it anytime from anywhere, integrate data coming from various sources, etc. Open Cascade shares these values and is ready to back the path of market leaders to this digital transformation.
Solving challenges
of any complexity

Open Cascade is a leading expert in industrial 3D continuity, constantly growing the technological leadership. Having all our 3D technologies unified and structured in the Commercial Platform makes it possible for us to start from a solid basis and drastically speed-up the development process of end-to-end engineering solutions. We take over the complexity of 3D and focus on solving clients’ problems.

Integrated software solutions

It appears in all industries that various independent enterprise software requires smooth integration to play well together. Open Cascade knows how to connect the dots and at the output a customer is provided with a complete solution.

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Software customization

Tailoring Open Cascade products to specific customer’s workflow. This
kind of services may include software development, configuration and (or)

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Custom software development

Specific development of one-of-a-kind turn-key CAD, CAM, CAE and other custom
software solutions intended to meet customers’ unique needs. Flexible
development and licensing approaches are offered and specific technology stack
defined by customers can be used.

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Consulting and support

Various support options are available for users of Open Cascade proprietary
technologies, products and custom solutions.

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Open Cascade Commercial

An integrated state-of-the-art digital technology, which as a launching pad gears the creation of enterprise solutions of any scale and complexity tailored to each client’s needs. Moreover, our proprietary end-user products are developed on the same baseline, which makes it possible to easily establish 3D continuity of tools.

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The platform’s functional capabilities are focused on meeting the most demanded needs of digital transformation of industries.
High adaptability

Even if 3D challenges are common, each business is unique and might have particular requirements

Faster time to market

Relying on time-proven technologies, we focus on bringing added values specific for businesses


Variety of tools at hand and support of extra-large 3D datasets unlock new ways to maximum benefit

End-to-end integration

Breaking down silos, we streamline processes and make downstream use of data more efficient

Vendor-agnostic approach

Multiple sources of 3D and auxiliary data are not a problem but an opportunity for us

Multiple deployment options

Desktop, Mobile, Web, Server, Private or Public Cloud — the best option depends on your use case

Open Source Core Technology
Apart from commercial components, Open Cascade possesses its open source CAD kernel — Open CASCADE Technology, which is used for the development of specialized software dealing with 3D models in design (CAD), manufacturing (CAM), numerical simulation (CAE), measurement equipment and quality control (CAQ) domains.
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